About Zen

 Zenobia Morant is a self-taught photographer, mixed media artist, and intuitive jewelry creator.  She spent more than 14 years exploring photography and crafting art with natural light and lenses. She uses traditional and experimental tools and techniques to expose the world of Nature.  Because we live in a technologically driven world, one of her passions is to reconnect people to nature.   "We are balanced when connected to nature".

Zen is a Navy Veteran who served 23 years as a Hospital Corpsman. She worked with Marines, on ships, hospitals, and clinics worldwide. She has been to 52 countries in her lifetime.  In 2004, she became interested in photography while stationed on an island located in the middle of the Indian Ocean.  Duty on this island was arduous, and she looked for an outlet to distress. It was one of the most beautiful places that she had ever seen, so Zen decided to capture its beauty. This is when her passion for photography began.  She ordered a point and shoot camera and kept it with her. The water around the island took countless appealing hues. The ocean's color was rich with indigo, turquoise, deep blue, and aquamarine.

Zen’s artwork includes wood prints and traditional pictures of sunsets, seascapes, landscapes, and flowers and enjoys the use of natural light in her photography. Wood prints are nature images that have been transferred to different types of wooden planks such as Birchwood, Oak, and Pine.  They make beautify unique one-of-a-kind art pieces.  She also enjoys handcrafting mala beaded necklaces and black sun orgonite pendants.  These pendants are handcrafted with various gemstones, crystals, metals, shungite, selenite, and black iron sulfide powder mixture.  They are enhanced with the frequency of the Sun at 126.22Hz, programmed and activated with an artificial lightning charge and orgonite frequency plate. 

She loves the idea of creating memories for clients, family, and friends. Her work is something that anyone can treasure for a lifetime. Her job is done when her scenic pictures bring joy, serenity, and happiness into the home or workspace.  Lastly, people are captivated by her orgonite jewelry.

The name “Zenpressions” is thought of as a WILLFUL thinker, innovative and pioneering, independent and individualistic, inspiring trust with clear decisiveness.

Her professional volunteer work included the Save Kids of Incarcerated Parents, through which she volunteered her time and created a program that showed children of incarcerated parents alternative ways to express themselves through photography. She is also an affiliated volunteer photographer for the Women’s International Think Tank, which provides current updates and works to stay on the cutting edge of issues related to women and girls.

She currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Zen is happy to talk about her work. Call or email her! For more information about projects and bodies of work are found on her website.