Magenta Hark Water Lily "Framed"

Magenta Hark Water Lily "Framed"

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Zenpressions prints on wood.  High quality luster matte archival photo professionally produced in a lab. The images are overlaid directly on two wood surface boards 1/4” thick. The grain and other characteristics of the wood shows through the light and white areas of the image for a warm tone and vintage feel.  The art piece is sealed with an acrylic finish that protects both the image and wood. Each Zenpressions wood prints are one-of-a-kind

Image.   Water lilies are aquatic plants that grow in still waters throughout the tropical and temperate world.  Water lilies are an important religious symbol in the Hindu and Buddhist traditions.  The symbolic meaning of the water lily is rebirth, that which is good and beautiful, good fortune, peace and enlightenment.

symbol of all that is true, good and beautiful, representing good fortune, peace and enlightenment.

Wood is an organic material and there are differences from tree to tree and even within the same tree.  While the color is similar the grain pattern is quite different giving each art piece a distinctive look.  Basswood is pale white to light brown color, with sapwood and heartwood sections not clearly defined. Growth rings tend to be subtle, and color is mostly uniform throughout the face grain of the wood.  It's holistic properties have been known to attract of love, energy healing, and bring about creative endeavors.  Basswood signifies to follow your heart and never give up on your dreams.

Installation.  This art piece has four damage-Free hanging adhesive strips mounted on the reverse side.  Instructions for installation are included in the package.

Each wood print is made when ordered and may take up to 3 weeks to complete and ship your order because of the process.