Strength, Growth & Interconnectedness
Strength, Growth & Interconnectedness
Strength, Growth & Interconnectedness

Strength, Growth & Interconnectedness

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This hand crafted Orgone disk aids in the transmutation of stagnant/negative energies & EMF waves into a positive energy & help bring a more natural balance to the energies in your environment.


Tree of Life has existed since the beginning of history.  Not to be confused with the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, the Tree of Life is the tree whose fruit gives eternal life to all who might obtain it.  The symbol of the Tree of Life includes qualities such as strength, wisdom, beauty, protection, redemption, and bounty. 

Trees can weather the toughest of storms, which is why they are such a prominent symbol for strength.  It symbolizes a person's personal growth into a unique human being as different experiences.  The Tree of Life symbolizes togetherness and serves as a reminder that you are never alone or isolated, but rather that you are connected to the world.  Lastly, the Tree of Life has an intricate network of branches that represents how a family grows and expands throughout many generations.

Shungite is a powerful purification stone which is used to remove impurities, clearing energy in a room, and offers a level of protection against outside forces and radiations such as EMF.

Black Tourmaline - Offers protection from the electromagnetic frequencies that emitted from cell phones, computers and other electronic devices. This stone is good to help draw out toxins and anything else that isn't good for your physical body.  It is also a grounding stone known to deflect negative energy.

Gold is an excellent all-purpose, high level gem amplifier and electrical conductor, especially on Solar plexus and Heart Chakra and positively charged with warming sun energy.

Multiwave Oscillator antenna (MWO) is made with copper, fiberglass, and gold.  Used for EMF protection.

Base material.

Measurements Approximately 1.5" wide x 0.5" thick

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