Zenpressions Art Online

The perfect keepsake.  Handcrafted wall art prints to decorate any wall.  Choose from a variety of wood photos inspired by nature including flowers, butterflies, seascapes, landscapes, wildlife, skyscapes.  The photos are expertly printed on premium paper using premium inks.  Most art is framed by the natural bark of a tree, while other art pieces are finished with pin or Barnwood frames. 

The colors from the wood prints combined with natural tones, irregularities, and grain of wood create one-of-a-kind art piece.  The basic process revolves around transferring an image, via a medium, to various types of wood including birch and maple.  Because of the process, the natural wood base may lean on the yellow sided creating a vintage or rustic look.

 Any pure white color will show through as the natural wood grain.  Zen Wood Prints are consistently working to improve her artwork, process, and service.  Any additional comments and suggestions you may have are greatly appreciated.